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DIRECTOR: Grandmaster César d´Alençon Echeverría, Belt Red / White 8º dan


Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00 hrs

DELEGATE SANTIAGO: Maestra Paz Angélica Celis, Black belt 5° dan
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_New Dojo in Hijuelas and El Melón
  • Contact Karate
  • Light Contact
  • Efective Personal Defense
  • Competitives Katas

The Ling Kuan Karate or Kobushi karate rei arises as an institution the May 2, 2002, through its current Grandmaster Style Director César d'Alençon Echeverria.
The Grand Master d'Alençon, born on January 19, 1963 in Santiago, Chile. From an early age he began to practice martial arts, being his first teacher Ling Lin shou, and through the "Boxing from four sources" who is skilled in various fighting systems and the use of various weapons.

In its 42 years of marcial refinement he has practiced more than 10 different styles as:

- Kung fu Shaolin-chan
- Wai kung pai
- Nan Chuan
- Wing tshun
- Pa kwa chuan

- Choy lay fut
- Kárate Okinawense
- Kárate-do
- Tae kwon do
- Tai boxing

His great competitive spirit led him to gain more than 70 awards in regional and national championships, has 2 times been world champion, 9 times international champion and 2 times international champion of Full-Contact .

In his 30 years as an instructor, has conducted classes in a variaty of schools and styles, and also in different institutions:

- In the Army of Chile between 1983 and 1986 (7th Company of Commands and many UFAS commands units anti-subversive)
- Among 1998 and 2000 en carabineros de Chile, of Prefecture of Curicó and units of the area
- Police investigations of Curicó at the same years


The Grand Master d'Alençon is:

Member and delegate for Chilean Asociación Defensa Personal Costablanca, ADPC based in Alicante, Spain
- Miembro WorldWide Muaykensan Martial Arts Federation, Irlanda
Founder of the "Chinese Karate Club contact"
Director of "International Ling Kuan Karate organization"
Founder of the "Four Sources Boxing School," where he is personally responsible for the practice and diffusion of Ling kuan Karate - Karate Kobushi rei.