Torneo, Asociación Saisho no Samurai, San Francisco de Mostazal, December 2011

Ling kuan karate had a brilliant participation, where the great master (Kaicho) César d'Alençon Echeverria and teacher Paz Angelica Celis did an outstanding demonstration of kata and weapons kata, which also significant involvement with karate fighters Contact: Vincent Torrejón won 2 nd Place and Juan Quintanilla the 4 th of all, congratulations to them.

National tournament cup "Fraternidad Marcial "
National Sports Federation "Tao Lu" Chile, where the Grand Master d'Alençon Cesar Echeverria won 3rd place in kata masters

We were in the 6 th National Bicentennial Tournament "Copa Santa Maria"
American Karate Club dojo mass gormaz, November 27, 2010
Very Thankfull for the welcome and affection received and congratulations to the participants that competed: Master Paz Angelica Celis which won 2nd place in kata of  weapons, class teaching and  Grand Master César d'Alençon Echeverria won 3rd place in kata teaching congratulations to them, you were amazing. Ossu!

Grade exams and practice of teachers and black belts, karate kuan Ling, in the Park

"Second day, Sunday June 26, 2011"

Congratulations to the participants, the commission grade, consisted of: the Kaicho d'Alençon and three Sensei Ling Kuan Karate, among the evaluators were Sensei Paz Angelica Celis, approving its 5 th dan, the Senseis Rios and Diaz, approving its 3 º are , Darren Verdugo, approving its 1 st dan. In addition, work in kata, weapons kata, defense and fast breaks stones with empty hands

We were in the Tournament of the Andes "the Andes Anniversary Cup 2011"
Organized by our good friend  and master Jorge Carrasco, School Shinjo Zeishin karate

Thanks for the reception and affection received, the ones who competed were: Master Paz Angelica Celis, Samer Tarabulsi sensei and the Grand Master César d'Alençon Echeverria won 1st place in kata of masters and where master were graduates and teachers sensei kuan Ling Style karate to all participants and congratulations to the authority, they were amazing Ossu!

We were in San Felipe Tournament "Friendship Cup 2011 San Felipe"
Organized by our great friend, Master Victor Caballero

Thanks for the reception and affection received, the ones who competed were: Master Paz Angelica Celis, who won 1st place in kata of masters and where  sensei Christian Diaz Quillota was graduated in Ling kuan karate style, to all participants and authorities congratulations to him, Vicente Torrejón Bernal won 2nd place in kumite, where he won 2 battles in nokout, they were amazing. Ossu!